We invest in deeply rooted technology assets & talent to empower our companies and bring new opportunities to global markets

  • Strong Architecture Teams

  • Open Source Infrastructure

  • Development Acceleration Tools & Services

  • Proprietary DevOps Infrastructure

We are Technology Driven Innovators

Born from the epicenter of high tech innovation, our highly experienced team work closely with our companies and partners to create significant impact. We contribute to several open source projects including a project called Scalecube which we sponsor. Our contribution to the open source community empowers our companies, creating new opportunities and helping us overcome obstacles.
We have also built WebSocket Sandbox tool called Sandy as part of our development to allow an easy to use Websocket sandbox without writing a single line of code…
Together, we create new Fintech opportunities, efficiencies and savings for people and companies around the world.

  • OM2 integrated working procedures

  • Pioneering architecture team

  • Proprietary open sources infrastructure

  • Autonomous agile methodology

  • Collaborative DevOps infrastructure

  • Development accelerating tools & services

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